Extra Account Fees

PushRoom allows you to add Accounts whenever you want. The fee of these new accounts will be prorrated to charge only for the days of the month it's been in your timeline.

The fee is 1.50 EUR per MONTH, per each account.

Broadly, there are two different types of Accounts/Feeds:

a) Social Network (like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube...)
b) RSS feed

Feeds in the first category (a) are multilingual, that is, they can appear in all your languages (if more than one).

  • Twitter accounts have a configuration option to show/hide them in some languages or use hashtags (i.e. #fr -for Tweets in french, for instance-) to filter Tweets by language.
  • The other Social Networks (not including Twitter) have the funcionality of determining if they should appear in certain languages, as well. But these posts have an extra functionality, that of being translated by you. For more info about this, please check the Translations section of this help.

Feeds in the second category (b, RSS) are per language. You have to decide in which language will its posts appear. Therefore, for instance, if you have a corporate blog in 3 languages and you have your PushRoom in the same 3 languages, you should add 3 RSS sources, each one with a monthly fee of 1.50 EUR (4.50 EUR).



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